Ever since earthly time began,

all problems and solutions have been found in man –

His history is laden with failure and doubt,

the future is lightened by the successes borne out.

All his endeavors for personal gain

are subjected to his spiritual aim.

Though the forceful find glory in heartless persuasion

this process turns growth into invasion.

In these times of instant gratification,

the days are gone of silent reflection.

Bombarded by opinion and shunned by the same

has left our children the lack of spiritual gain.

Politics of violence and funded hate

have put us in a precarious state.

Governments vying for control of the world

have left behind the people who continually toil.

Creating wars for personal glory and gain

they send forth the young to fight and die for their reign.

The larger wars of one and two

made millionaires from ammunition and fuel!

They discussed what kind of turmoil must be brought

to aid their control of mankind’s thought.

They care not for the innocent they murdered for gain

some even taking pleasure on their torture and pain,

And as time moved forward still others would shun

the knowledge that all was lost not won.

And to keep control of the people who serve them

they purchased the media to confuse and direct them.

They understand they must divide mankind

and put hatred forward as the tithing bind.

Because in hatred political man’s eyes are closed

and the rage incented by their chasm of race continually grows.

They say follow the money but do not be bought

as it comes back to bite you then all of you is lost.

Do not call them out either or you will be dead –

suicide by 2 shots in the back of your head.

The times of reformation are dangerous indeed

if brilliance is suspected they will crush its seed.

They say heaven forbid its recognition grows –

as it holds the death knell of their oppressive woes.

But hope reigns eternal and love reflects –

that evil is consumed at its presumptive apex.

We stand eyes wide open to see this malevolent force

invading our lives fulfilling its course.

But Not all men are evil even those in power –

there are those sent to save us in our desperate hour.

Decrying the madness, they are attacked all around

by those guilty of the crimes they impound.

Tricking the ignorant into believing their lies are certain,

say pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.

Still Our father protects us even in doubt

and we must not stand silent, we must call evil out.

Until evil is visible and shocked by all

the weak will continually answer its call.

Seduced by is promise of glory and gain –

then ravaged by its merciless socialist pain.

The time has come we must recognize

our freedom is bound up in political ties.

Politicians will not save us as they selfishly thought –

it takes one who is not to destroy what they wrought.

America stands on the brink of destruction

confirming the words of Ronald Reagan

“Democracy is only one generation away from destruction”

It seems that generation is trying to steal an election.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

is pulled asunder by offers of the socialists.

They write everything you need is free in ink –

except your ability to do and speak what you think.

And as politicians happily hand their socialism out

Not informing us we can only shoot our way out.

The media lays down all the prohibitive laws

claiming democrat socialism is the favored cause.

But there is no such thing as democrat socialism

it is just a decorative term for blatant communism.

If the people lose sight of law and order

they will lose their claim on a country with no border.

The masses will come, and the middle class dies

but the elite gather and celebrate their lies.

Poverty and wealth never the twain shall meet

as elite control the evil with one small tweet.

Do as you are told – like no plastic straws

claiming only, we are above our restrictive laws.

When democracy and economy were improving the land,

they rolled out a pandemic across the land.

That ought to teach them to put an outsider in charge

who could have saved the world from their socialist barge?

Throughout our history why do great civilizations fall?

In the year 2020 it has been shown to all.

The selected wealthy young and old

are only out for power and control.

They will lie, cheat and steal your rights and your nation

to enrich their Marxist predilection …

They say follow the money; boy are they right

and common man will lose unless they put up a fight!

The greatest country in the world,

has been scammed by these demonic forces unfurled.

Only one man can stop their malicious trudge –

backed by 150 million who will become the judge!

Their evil will be naked and shown to all,

America and its free people will not fall!

God has decreed goodness will win

and grace will destroy the totalitarian sin.

No Manchurian president can escape recognition

or force socialism on a cognizant nation.

The world wide web that has thrown its net overall,

their hubris will forecast its bloodstained call.

Harkening back to the Fifth of November

is repeating itself on the Third of November

Tucker cried out he knows no reason

how mankind could forget ‘gunpowder and treason’!

And Zuckerberg like Fawkes and his companions

contrived to blow up the Presidential mansions!

Dominion and Scorecard were their weapons of choice

to cunningly eliminate America’s Republic and their voice.

But their ambitions were too large to contain

those with conscience came forward to explain.

How they sabotaged freedom for their monetary gain

and control of the people through the media’s aim.

As Pope’s reflection comes of age,

his words are performing on modern man’s stage…

Saying “is the great chain that draws all to agree

and drawn, supports, upheld by god or thee?”

The want to be ‘king of the world knows,

his money will purchase his political foes.

And Soros the devil’s right-hand man,

has wrought havoc and insurrection through the media’s plan

To spread fake news and brainwash the peasants,

with a deluge of lies that socialism represents.

Free stuff for all and they blindly accept their fate,

falsely thinking the over controller will be great.

But the voice of reason will soon disclose

that their freedom is as lost as the emperors’ clothes.

The great deception of the socialist bed

has raised its mean and ugly head.

Proving the Woolsey-Swanson rule,

that uninformed man is a dangerous tool.

They live with the problem they cannot solve,

rather than accept the solution misunderstood by all.

For forty years they infiltrated our schools,

instructing our children that American’s are fools.

Who accept capitalism, with liberty and justice for all,

using race baiting and division as their primary call.

In their hidden back rooms, they devised a scheme

to crush Americas President by any means,

So, a pandemic they planned with a targeted stick,

where they would quarantine the healthy and not the sick!

Destroy the whole country then provide a vaccine cure

with micro-chips for all completely obscured.

How will capitalism and freedom withstand quarantine

or stop their nefarious election stealing scheme?

I foresee a political quake rumbling below

as the forces of good are about to grow.

An executive order of 2018

is about to smash the Marxist dream

Amongst previous shouting’s of Russian collusion

the democrats planned their election fraud delusion.

But the president saw it coming and established his trap

and the Marxist hubris began to crack

Blinded by their love of power

they never foresaw their Babel tower

The executive order on foreign interference in election results

shined a spotlight on Scytl of Spain’s erroneous insults.

And Dominion also located in a foreign land

are now encompassed in the fraudulent quicksand.

And as the Marxist’s squirm and shout the wrong name

the quicker they will sink into the quagmire of shame.

Those who believe will recognize Divinities hand

and justice will be swift from the Presidents hand.

As section 8 declares the terminology of ‘persons’

also encompasses partnerships, trusts and corporations.

Why would America send its voting results,

to foreign interpretations of communist consults?

To overthrow a Constitutional Republics choice

and silence Americas conservative voice.

It’s time for the world to fully understand

there are several great lawyers protecting this land.

Powell, Guliani, Ellis, Hoft and Collins will defend,

the Constitution, freedom and liberty to the end.

And the Plandemick and its vaccination purveyors

tried desperately not to give the President his honors.

Those who brought this sickness to the world

will go down to hades as their plan is unfurled.

They killed millions of innocents and elderly for wealth and power,

but their own death knell comes upon the hour.

A greater power will encompass the lands

as truth and eternity is in God’s hands.

Good always wins and when the Trump-ets sound

the walls of Marxism will crash to the ground.

And the evil of communism and its hatred will cease,

as Trump inaugurates the 1000 years of Peace.

It has been written and prophesied from above

that progress in the Universe is propelled by love

The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man

cannot be dispelled by nefarious plans.

The marxist end is the beginning in retrospect ….

all their evil is consumed at its apex.

America will stand with its Constitutional Republic

and the American Dream of the world will not submit.

To those who would destroy liberty and freedom

 the subjects of the Soros dream of his personal kingdom.

And as Pope foresaw centuries ago

Modern man will shortly know….

“When statesmen, heroes, kings, in dust repose

Who’s sons shall blush their fathers were thy foes….

That reason, passion, answer on great aim

That true self love and social are the same.

That virtue only makes our bliss below.

And all our knowledge is, -- Ourselves to know.”

So How many times will we ask for the truth

before we believe the words that ensue.

If not for greed and demand for power

history would prove this our golden hour

But man, stupid man, in his quest for gain

burned his inception and his need to explain.

When the words of scholars disagreed with sovereigns

all were destroyed, to eliminate problems

And greedy man continued his quest

distorting truth so he could possess

Control of this world, its people, its gold

taking with him all he could hold.

But alas, he found in his relentless spree

he could never capture immortality

And with the end of his imposing strife

Will come the end of his pitiful life.

And all he amassed will be passed along

to the next fool in line that time marched upon.


Written by Suzanne M. Kelly